Reflection of the yacht in the water

The Wave Series
the shooting on the Atlantic coast was great, big really big waves. Now it’s time to edit those photos and start the fine art printing.

First photo from the new series The Wave... powerful harmony...

Just a beauty full yacht on a beautiful day. The yacht is called Elena and she is sailing in the Mediterranean sea.

Love this spinnakers if the wally yachts, they are so big

Wally superyachts racing in Saint Tropez

another point of view, taken with the Huawei P10

Packing and off to China, Shanghai.
In Europe it's getting warmer, the best time to go in high altitude mountaineering. This had tu wait until i'm back.

Sunrise photographed in Palma Spain for Huawei with the new Huawei P10, love the Leica camera in this smartphone

Good bye summer.

Lauenen, Switzerland

Good evening from Rio...
Today IS a great day in Olympic Sailing for China.... welll dome Peina

Sunrise at Rio de Janeiro.

Last shooting before I'm off for Rio 2016 Olympic Game.

Model: Claudya Moreira

Getting ready for my 3rd Olympic Games. The first was in China, amazing experience. London 2012 was good but I'm so much looking forward to Rio 2016

Hong Kong by night.

Bye bye China

It's time to go back home and start my 2016 projects. Some of the highlights will be the Olympic Games in Rio, but also the Patrouille des Glaciers - the famous mountain race. This year TAG Heuer joins the race as a sponsor. Enjoy the view from the summit at night.

China,see you soon next time.

Do you believe in life?

Dear friends
You remember one year ago I published a photo of a young (Kathryn & Kit) couple, you will find this foto if you scroll down a bit.
Today I'm in Hong Kong at their wedding.
Photo taken today during lunch with the iphone.

First photo from the shooting here in Shenzhen. This was my first studio shooting in China. Really enjoyed it working with Shiyong. Will show more of them once they are retouched.

Christmas times...
Today with the family and tomorrow on the plane to China.
Wish you all a merry Christmas ...

Christmas shopping in Zürich Bahnhofstrasse. Holiday mode is on, time to pack and get into the plane for China ;-)

Up at Pontresina, Engadin to get prepared for the #Swiss Mountain Film Festival#. Can't wait for Sunday to see my film right before the prize giving ceremony, wish me luck ;-)

Stunning sunset by Lake Zürich. Taken by iPhone and no photoshop, feels like being in vacation ;-)

Anyone up for Standup Paddleboarding? 

Normally the old standup paddle boards end up somewhere you don't know, but this time we transformed them into art.

Story of the photo

A moment of pure love!

Like the tip of an iceberg, what lies beneath is unknown. We can only guess what Kathryne is saying to Kit. We don't know what was happening in this moment and we don't want to. 

The Volvo Ocean Race carries many risks for the  sailors onboard. Such a race can make or break relationships and it's never easy to leave your loved one on the dock. 

This image was taken on 3rd January 2105 as Dongfeng Race Team set sail to China on Leg 3 of the Volvo Ocean Race. 

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“It's all about meeting different people.”

His name is Fernando, a rag-picker. I met him in Rio, Brasil. I walked across him every morning when I was heading to the marina in the last 2 weeks. I was a bit scared at the begining, but we started to say hello to each other after a few days.

He aksed me if I could take a photo of him in front of the church. When the photo was done, he invited me to see how he sell his stuff to make his living, he wanted to show me the Rio in his eyes. 

It was dark and scary. I was a bit worried about walking into this street with my expensive camera. He turned his head around and said "Tudo bom." It means "Everything will be fine" in portuguese. 

That's another view of Rio.

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Back home from the mountain. It's already July but still super cold up in the mountain.

We came across some Capricorn on the way down and found them still got the winter pelt. It seems we'll have a short summer this year.

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Patrouille des Glacier is a mountain race organized by the Swiss Armed Forces every 2 years, it's probably the hardest mountain race around. 

No, I wasn't racing, I was just taking photos of the race as official photographer since the last 8 years.

It was tough, but everything worth the effort when I'm looking back.

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Portrait of Pirmin. 

My girlfriend said this man looked scary for her, but he’s a very caring and religious man in reality. Anyone knows what his job is?

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Withestyle Open ski and snowboard contest in Muerren, Switzerland.

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